Conseal Email

Conseal Email

Conseal Email can apply privacy and control to any email, to any recipient, regardless of email system:

  • FREE to send and receive Consealed emails
  • Seamlessly apply privacy to email messages and attachments
  • Complete granular control over Consealed emails even after delivered or opened!
  • A Consealed email can only be opened by the sender or pre-defined recipient
Conseal USB

Conseal USB

Conseal USB is the most secure way of protecting data stored on USB sticks, memory cards and external hard drives.

  • Securely wipe the device if you lose it
  • See who has accessed the device
  • Limit where and when and who can unlock the device
Conseal USB Conseal USB
Conseal Server

Conseal Server

Conseal Server provides a centralised location in your organisation from which protected devices can be managed.

  • Device access rules allow administrators full control over protected data
  • Full audit logs showing access attempts
  • Comprehensive browser based control
Conseal Server Conseal Server

Why choose Conseal?

Conseal's unique technology has been applied to a range of products, each providing:

  • Privacy: traditional password/token based encryption is simply not good enough. All Consealed data is encrypted with a unique implementation 256bit AES encryption.
  • Control: traditional encryption technology is completely reliant on the strength of an uncontrolled password. At any time and with 100% certainty, Consealed data can be remotely suspended or destroyed.
  • Trust: traditional encryption solutions mean that the system has your encryption keys, and by extension, full access to all your 'private' data. Once your Conseal Authenticator is setup, only you have the encryption keys.
  • Usability: other solutions are renowned for their complex setup and mandatory technical 'know-how' . Conseals products are as easy as 1-2-3, yet the most secure on the market.
  • Scale: there is no minimum user base to make a Consealed solution work and we have no limits to the number of devices or users.

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