Conseal Email

Conseal Email

For confidential protected information send via email, Conseal Email uses Controllable Dual Locks to:

  • Remotely wipe emails, even after delivery
  • Provide a complete audit trail showing who has unlocked your email, and where
  • Set real-time access rules to emails
Conseal Email Conseal Email
Conseal USB

Conseal USB

Conseal USB is the most secure way of protecting data stored on USB sticks, memory cards and external hard drives.

  • Securely wipe the device if you lose it
  • See who has accessed the device
  • Limit where and when and who can unlock the device
Conseal USB Conseal USB
Conseal Server

Conseal Server

Conseal Server provides a centralised location in your organisation from which protected devices can be managed.

  • Device access rules allow administrators full control over protected data
  • Full audit logs showing access attempts
  • Comprehensive browser based control
Conseal Server Conseal Server

Why Conseal

Conseal allows you complete control over your data, even when it's no longer in your hands.

  • Dual Locks™ means the protection of the device is not limited to the complexity of the password
  • Destroy the contents of a secured device if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Access rules can be specified for secured devices. Devices can only be unlocked by certain people, using certain computers, at certain times.
  • Receive alerts as soon as anyone tries to access your data, allowing you to take remedial action.

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