Conseal CD

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Conseal CD applies Conseal's unique protection to data stored on CDs, DVDs and other optical media. It allows you to track and trace who has viewed your private data, and to prevent unauthorised people from seeing it.

"Received" Receipt

Receive confirmation that a mailed CD has successfully reached its intended recipient.

Track and Trace

See who has accessed, or tried to access, your protected data. For each attempt, the log uniquely identifies the user, where they are, and what computer they used. It can be viewed even when the CD is no longer in your possession.

Prevent Unauthorised Access

Set access rules to control who can and can't view your protected data, and at what times of the day. Rules can be changed even when the CD is out of your hands.

Panic Button

If your CD is lost or gets into the wrong hands, you can block all access to it. The contents of the CD is permanently scrambled. (This works even with write-once CDs/DVDs).

Strong Encryption

Your data is stored using super-strength 256-bit AES encryption (approved by governments to protect 'Top Secret' information).

Safe from password guessing attempts

Even fairly complex passwords can be guessed on average within 16 minutes. Conseal's "Dual Locks" system completely secures your protected data against password guessing attempts. Consealed CDs can only be unlocked with permission from a central server.