Conseal Server

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Conseal Server provides a centralised location in your
organisation from which protected devices can be managed. From here, administrators can Conseal new devices, view audit logs and control access to data.

Remote self destruct

Administrators and users can remotely destroy the data stored on protected devices if they fall into the wrong hands.

Full audit log

Conseal Server provides a full audit log showing where and when each device has been used, and who by. The log contains sufficient information to uniquely identify the computer used.

Comprehensive access controls

Set access rules to control who can and can't access the data stored on the protected device, and at what times of the day. Rules can be changed even when the device is out of your hands.

Safe from password guessing attempts

Even fairly complex passwords can be guessed on average within 16 minutes. Conseal's "Dual Locks" system completely secures your protected data against password guessing attempts. Consealed CDs can only be unlocked with permission from a central server.

Entirely web based

Conseal Server is entirely web-based hence accessible from any authorised system. It works with all popular desktop browsers and smartphone platforms including iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch), Android, BlackBerry OS and Symbian. It uses a secure HTTPS connection and does not require JavaScript or Flash.

Strong Encryption

Your data is stored using super-strength 256-bit AES encryption (approved by governments to protect 'Top Secret' information).