Conseal USB
"I'm hard-pushed to think of any other solution that gives the average small business such cost-effective mobile data security, and gives it in such a readily accessible format."
Davey Winder, PC Pro, June 2011
"A completely watertight and easy to use security system" * * * * *
Matt Hanson, PC Plus, June 2011

Conseal USB

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Complete control over any removable storage device, even when it's no longer in your hands.

When most passwords can be cracked within 16 minutes, don't you need better protection?

Dual Locks™

The security of the device is not limited to the complexity of the password. More info.

Remote Self Destruct

Block access to lost devices, or wipe them completely

Full Auditing

Complete audit log showing who unlocked your device and on which computer

Centralised Control*

Control who can unlock your device, when and where

Email Alerts

Receive warnings when someone attempts to unlock your device

Use Your Existing Devices

Conseal USB protection can be applied to any device, any manufacturer

* Control any protected device by visiting