Conseal USB
"I'm hard-pushed to think of any other solution that gives the average small business such cost-effective mobile data security, and gives it in such a readily accessible format."
Davey Winder, PC Pro, June 2011
"A completely watertight and easy to use security system" * * * * *
Matt Hanson, PC Plus, June 2011

Conseal USB

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Think simply encrypting your data on the move is enough? Time to think again...
Protect your data properly with Conseal's award-winning Dual Locks™ technology
Traditional Data Protection Conseal® Dual Locks™ Limited by Password Security

Vulnerable: to password guessing attempts. Even fairly complex passwords can be cracked within 16 minutes.

Secure: Dual Locks system means the protection of the device is not limited to the complexity of the password.

More info... Remote Self Destruct

Vulnerable: when in the hands of an attacker. Attackers can work on breaking in at their leisure.

Secure: Conseal USB allows administration to destroy the disks contents if it falls into the wrong hands.

More info... Access Rules

Vulnerable: when obtained by a third party. If an attacker were able to guess or obtain the password they would have full and free access to the data at any time.

Secure: Access rules can be specified for secured devices. Devices can only be unlocked by certain people, using certain computers, at certain times.

More info... Alerts and Audit

Vulnerable: if lost without realising. A user would not necessarily realise immediately if a device is lost.

Secure: Conseal USB alerts when access to the protected data is attempted, prompting remedial action.

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