Conseal USB
"I'm hard-pushed to think of any other solution that gives the average small business such cost-effective mobile data security, and gives it in such a readily accessible format."
Davey Winder, PC Pro, June 2011
"A completely watertight and easy to use security system" * * * * *
Matt Hanson, PC Plus, June 2011

Conseal USB

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What devices can be Consealed?

You can Conseal literally any USB storage device. This includes memory sticks, USB pen drives, external hard disks, SD / MMC / xD / CompactFlash cards. It also includes all Firewire, eSATA and USB3 devices. Conseal is completely device and manufacturer independent.

System Requirements

Conseal works with any PC and requires only Windows XP or above.

Management Console Requirements

The web based management console supports all popular desktop browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It also works with popular smartphone platforms including iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch), Android, BlackBerry OS and Symbian. It uses a secure HTTPS connection and does not require JavaScript or Flash.

Encryption Features

Conseal USB uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is currently recognised to be unbeatable.

The encryption key used by Conseal USB is never stored (even in encrypted form) on the disk, nor on the central management console, nor is it derivable from the password, this ensures that the encryption cannot be circumvented by the password or management console account being compromised.