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Welcome to the Conseal Server Manual

This manual will guide you through all aspects of Conseal Server, from installation to protecting devices, managing users and server administration.

Learn about how to work with protected devices, including how to self destruct them, set access rules to prevent their usage outside of authorised situations, or view detailed audit reports showing where and when devices have been used.


The manual is split into the following sections:

Installation — step by step guides on all aspects of installing Conseal Server, including MySQL installation and troubleshooting

Usage — detailed information explaining how to use Conseal Server, including how to administrate devices and users

Concepts — explaining some of the concepts involved in Conseal Server.

Frequently Asked — answers some of the more frequently asked questions relating to Conseal Server.

An index showing all manual pages is at the side of every page.

Further Help

If you need any help using Conseal Server, please do contact us. We are here to help and do respond quickly. Support is provided for all users including trials.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Using Conseal Server

Conseal Server Concepts