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Why does Conseal Server use an external database?

This allows Conseal Server to harness the power of a dedicated database server. This allows a vast scalability, and automatically provides features such as data mirroring and backup. It also allows for scripted access to all of Conseal Server's data - for example device usage histories.

What database engines are supported?

Currently version 5 and above of MySQL is supported

Can I set up the database manually?

Yes — just input the SQL statements here. Once complete, choose the "Existing Database" install path, and provide the details of the database which you have just created.

What, precisely, will Conseal Server do when I click 'Create New Database'?

It will run the SQL statements here. Your database's root password will be used once for this purpose only, and then forgotten. Once the statements have been run, Conseal Server will have its own username and password which provides access only to its own database.


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