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This page allows you to create an admin user. It is shown after a new database is created either as part of installation or using the create new database administrative tool.

The administrative user to be created will have full permissions: it can create, remove and modify users, Conseal new devices and remove them, administrate existing devices including changing access rules and activating self-destruction, and change server configuration options.

Choose a password which will not be guessed by other users. You can also change the administrative username — doing so can provide some protection against dictionary attacks against common usernames (such as 'root' and 'administrator').

Click Create Admin User to continue. The user will be created, and you will be automatically logged on and taken to the All Devices page.

The installation process finishes here. However, you will probably wish to perform further tasks such as adding users or integrating Conseal Server into an Active Directory environment — for more information on these tasks, see administrative tasks.

For more information on using your Conseal Server now that it is active, see Using Conseal Server.


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