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This page requests details of your MySQL server, which will be used to store Conseal's configuration (including details of users and devices). It is reached by clicking continue on the initial installation page.

If you do not already have a MySQL server installed, see our quick guide to installing one.

For more information, see the FAQ question: why does Conseal Server use an external database?

Conseal Server will automatically connect to the database server and create its own database. This process does not take long, and requires only the following details:

SQL server address / port — the address and port on which the MySQL server is listening. If the server is installed locally and has not been altered from the default configuration, this is probably (for the address) and 3306 (for the port).

Root username / password — specify credentials to a MySQL server using which Conseal Server can create its database. If you have just installed MySQL, you will have specified these as part of the installation process. If you have forgotten your MySQL password, here are instructions to reset it.

Clicking show advanced options provides access to more in-depth options that allow the installation to be tweaked as required:

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Name of database to create — Conseal Server will create a database of this name on the MySQL server. You may wish to alter this for your own purposes, of if you are installing more than one instance of Conseal Server.

If a database with the given name already exists, check the Overwrite this database checkbox to confirm that it should be deleted.

New user to create — Conseal Server will create a new database user which has full read/write permissions to its own database, and nothing else. Specify the name of this user here. If the user already exists, these permissions will simply be added to its existing list.

Password — if the above user does not exist, it will be created with this password. If this field is left blank, Conseal Server will automatically generate a very long random password.

Create example data — check this box to create a working example Conseal Server configuration. This will generate an example company with 100 protected devices and 100 users. This is very useful when trialling Conseal Server, as it allows you to see a fully working configuration. The server will, of course, remain usable for your own purposes — that is, you can still Conseal devices and add users as required. The example users and devices can be deleted at the appropriate time (or you can simply start afresh with a clean database whenever you wish).

Press Create New Database to continue. This will create the database, including example data if necessary, and then ask you to create an administrative account.


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