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This page allows you to specify the details of an existing database if you have one. The page is reached if you click continue using existing database on the initial installation page.

To use an existing database (which includes an existing or prior installation's list of users, and devices and other configuration elements), enter the following information:

SQL server address — the address of the MySQL server on which the database is stored

Port — the port on which the MySQL server is listening (usually 3306)

Database name — the name of the Conseal database on the above server. If created in Conseal Server using default options, this will be 'conseal'.

Username / password — credentials for a user on the MySQL server which has full access to the above database. It must have permission to read and write data and to create and modify tables.

To continue, press Connect To Database.

You will be notified of any issues connecting to the database, or if there are any problems with the database's contents. Otherwise, you will be presented with a login screen and you will be able to use Conseal Server as you had previously.


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