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This page guides you through installing MySQL on Windows.

  1. Download and run the MySQL installer.
  2. Select Typical install when asked, then click Install on the next page.
  3. MySQL will be installed. When complete, click Finish to begin the MySQL Server Instance Configuration Wizard.
  4. Click Next, then select Detailed Configuration and click Next.
  5. Select Server Machine and click Next.
  6. Select Multifunctional Database and click Next.
  7. Click Next on the InnoDB Tablespace Settings page
  8. Select Decision Support (DSS)/OLAP and click Next. Or, if your Conseal Server is likely to have more than 20 users logged in at any one time, enter the approximate number of users in the Manual Setting box instead.
  9. Ensure both options Enable TCP/IP Networking and Enable Strict Mode remain checked, then click Next.
  10. Click Next on the default character set page
  11. Ensure Install As Windows Service and Launch the MySQL Server automatically are both checked, then click Next.
  12. Check Modify Security Settings and enter a root password. Please enter a strong password. This will be used to protect Conseal Server's data on users and protected devices.
    Ensure Enable root access from remote machines and Create an Anonymous account both remain unchecked, then click Next.
  13. Press Execute to complete the installation. MySQL Server is now installed.


If you have any difficulties installing MySQL, please contact us.


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