Manual / Installation / Installing under Linux

  1. Conseal Server requires a Java VM to be present on your machine. To install Java, see the Oracle Java website.
  2. Download the Conseal Server installer: wget Note: If your server does not have direct access to the Internet, you may have to download the above file using a desktop PC and transfer it manually to the server.
  3. Extract the file: tar -xf consealserver.tar
  4. Run sh ./ Server response: ---------------------------------------------------
    Copyright (c) 2009-2012 Conseal Security Ltd

    Please specify the install directory for Conseal Server
    For the default /usr/conseal, just press Enter.
  5. Enter your target install directory, or press Enter to accept the default. The directory will be created if it does not exist.
    Server response: Files extracted
  6. The installer will attempt to find a Java VM installed. If it cannot find one, you will be asked to enter its location manually.
    Server response: Please wait: finding usable Java VM...
    Unable to find a Java VM. Would you like to specify its location manually?
       Please enter y/n:
    Please enter the path to your Java executable, for example /usr/java/jreX.X.X_XX/bin/java
  7. The installer will then start Conseal Server and tell you where to browse to complete the installation.
    Server response: All complete, now starting the server...
    Conseal Server started successfully
    Please browse to any IP address on this system, port 80 to continue with the setup process.

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