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This page, accessible from Active Directory domains, is used to link Conseal Server with a new Active Directory domain. To understand how Conseal Server integrates with Active Directory, see Conseal Server Concepts: Active Directory Integration.

To add a new domain, enter the following details:

Domain Name — the name of the domain to add

Active Directory server — IP address or host name of a server which can be used to query the user database (usually this is the address of the domain controller)

Username / Password — authentication information for a user which can be used to query the Active Directory user database. (Note: this user does not need to modify the database in any way - it only needs to read a list of users and groups).

By default, users of an 'Administrators' group automatically become administrators in Conseal Server. To change this, enter a comma-separated list of groups into the Group names box, and any users of those groups will have administrative access to Conseal Server. If you do not wish any Active Directory to have administrative access to Conseal Server, uncheck the Users of the following groups will be Conseal Server administrators checkbox.

You can apply a device quota to all non-administrative users of the Active Directory domain. This limits the number of devices they can Conseal. To do this, enter the quota into the Quota box. If you do not wish to apply any limit on Consealed devices, uncheck the Apply user quotas checkbox.

Conseal Server will regularly re-check this domain, importing new users and deleting old ones. To change the interval at which this takes place, change the number of hours in the Re-check every box. To disable regular checking of the domain, uncheck the Regularly re-check and update... checkbox.

To add the new domain, click Add Domain. Conseal Server will authenticate with the Active Directory server, and download and import the users. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of the domain. It is safe to close your web browser during this process.

The new domain will eventually appear in the Active Directory domains page.


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