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This page, accessible from the server admin page, allows an administrator to purge the entire configuration of Conseal Server (including its users and devices) and start again with a fresh database.

Some of this work requires root privileges to the database, hence this page asks for the database's root password. Note that this will be used once for this purpose only then discarded by Conseal Server.

To create a new Conseal Server database, enter the following details:

MySQL server address — the address of the MySQL server which will hold this new database.

Root username — the root username for the above database (or otherwise a username which is permitted to create new databases and users).

Root password — the password for the above user.

New database name — the name of Conseal Server's database to be created.

To overwrite the above database if it already exists on the server, click Overwrite this database if it already exists. You will not get a warning.

Particularly when trialling, it can be useful to see a fully working example of Conseal Server in action. By clicking the create example data checkbox, Conseal Server will create a fully working example demonstrating 100 users and 100 devices.

Click Create New Database, to complete the operation. You will eventually be redirected to the Create Admin Account page to allow you to create a new administrative user.


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