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This page allows an administrator to see the status and features of their license, to activate it if required, and to apply a new license. It is accessible from the server admin page.

It is split into sections as follows:

Current License

This section provides information on the current Conseal Server license. The information is as follows

License type — shows which edition of Conseal Server has been purchased (or trialled).

Number of users — shows how many user accounts this license supports.

Number of domains — shows how many Active Directory domains this license supports.

Number of devices — shows how many devices, in total, this license supports.

Expires — shows when the license expires, if applicable.

Activation — shows whether the license key has been activated for this server.

Activate License

This section is shown only if a license key has been applied but not yet been activated.

To activate the license, click Activate Automatically Now. To activate the license, the server will communicate with using HTTP port 80. If the server's environment does not permit this, then the license key can be activated manually by clicking Activate License Manually. In this case, the server will generate an activation key which should be entered into our activation site, which will provide a confirmation key to be entered back into Conseal Server.

Apply New License

This section allows administrators to apply a new license key.

Conseal Server license keys are provided as .license files. To apply the license key, click Choose File select the license key file, then click Apply License.

The license key will be applied if valid, and automatically activated. If you do not wish it to be activated, uncheck the attempt to automatically activate this license key box.


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