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This is the default home page for users who have device adminstrator privileges, and can be reached by clicking the Devices tab. It is not accessible by any other user. It shows every protected device from any user. The table has the following columns:

Device name — the name given to the device when it was Consealed.

Consealed by — the user who Consealed this device. (Unless that user has since been deleted, in which case this will show the administrator)

Status — whether the device is active. This can be one of: self destructed, indicating that the device is no longer available and if anyone attempts to unlock it, it will be permanantly and securely wiped; temporarily blocked, indicating that the device is not available to be unlocked; or active indicating that the device may be unlocked (subject to correct password entry and adherence to access rules).

Times unlocked — shows the number of times that the device has been unlocked.

Click any device's name to work with it, allowing you to perform tasks such as self-destruction or viewing that device's usage history.

To administrate several devices at once (for example if you wish to share a number of devices with a new user), click the checkbox next to each device and the press Modify Selected Devices.


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