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This page, accessible from the My Devices page, shows a full and complete audit trail for all selected devices.

The table columns are as follows:

Date — Date and time at which the access attempt was made.

Status — Whether or not the access attempt was successful. A successful attempt means that the user was permitted to access the device's protected contents. An unsuccessful attempt means that access rules or an incorrect password prevented them from doing so.

Computer Name — The name of the computer on which the access attempt was made. In Windows, a computer's name can be viewed by opening the Start menu, right-clicking Computer, and selecting "Properties".

User Name — The name of the user on the above computer who made the access attempt.

IP Addresses — Shows both internal and external IP addresses for the computer on which the access attempt was made.

Hard Disk # — Shows the serial number of the primary hard disk volume (usually C:).

Network Card # — Shows the computer's network card address (MAC address).

Processor # — Shows the computer's processor's serial number. Where this is not available, as some computers have this feature disabled, this shows the exact model number of the processor.

Operating System — Shows the precise operating system name, version and service pack level.


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