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Trusted Computers are computers on which a particular device may be unlocked without requiring internet access. Computers are trusted after a device user makes a trust request and an administrator subsequently accepts it. For more information on trusted computers, how they work and what they do, see Conseal concepts: Trusted Computers.

This page is where device administrators accept or reject pending trust requests, or revoke the trusted status of a computer.

The list shows all trusted computers, plus computers for which trusted status has been rejected or revoked. To accept a pending request to trust a computer for a particular device, click "accept", or to reject it click "reject". If trust in a computer is to be revoked, such as if the computer has been lost or stolen, click "revoke". Note that the relevant computer does not need access to the internet for this change to take effect (so you do not have to rely on a potentially malicious user obtaining an internet connection!)


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