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This page lists all users and includes basic details about their privileges and Consealed devices. It can be used to select users to modify. This page is available to any user with the "modify users" privilege.

The table shows the following information for each user:

Consealed devices — the number of devices the user has Consealed

Quota — the maximum number of devices that the user is permitted to Conseal. After Consealing this many devices, they will be told to un-Conseal a device or to contact their administrator before Consealing any more.

Privilege: Conseal new — indicates whether the user is permitted to Conseal new devices

Privilege: server config — indicates whether the user can change administrative server options such as the server's address and port number.

Privilege: modify users — indicates whether the user can create other users and permit / revoke other users' permissions.

Privilege: device admin — device administrators have full control and rights over every Consealed device.

From here you can select a user or multiple users to modify. To select multiple users, check the box next to each user and click "Modify users". This will take you to the modify user page.

To add a new user, click the "Create New User" button at the bottom of the table.


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