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This page, accessible by selecting a user or group of users from the Users and Privileges page, allows an administrator to modify users' privileges or delete users.

The sections are:

Reset password

Here the user's password can be changed by an administrator if forgotten. Enter a new password, confirm it by re-entering it in the box below, and then click the Reset Password button. Note that this section only appears when a single user has been selected.

Device Quota

The user's device quota can be changed here. This controls how many devices the user may Conseal. After Consealing this many devices, they will be told to un-Conseal a device or to contact their administrator in order to Conseal any more.

User privileges

This controls which privileges the user has. Possible privileges are a combination of the following:

Conseal new — indicates whether the user is permitted to Conseal new devices

Server config — indicates whether the user can change administrative server options such as the server's address and port number.

Modify users — indicates whether the user can create other users and permit / revoke other users' permissions.

Device admin — device administrators have full control and rights over every Consealed device.

Permissions may be added or revoked using the checkboxes (if a single user is selected) or the drop-down lists (for multiple users) and then clicking "Submit Changes".

Note that a user may only grant another user permissions which they themselves have. Permissions may be revoked regardless. This is to prevent a user from gaining extra privileges - for example they could gain "server admin" privileges if they don't already have them by creating a new user with that privilege.

Delete User

This section is used to delete the users. Once deleted, their accounts will be inaccessible and any Consealed devices they own will be ascribed to the logged in administrator. (Note that this has the potential to push the administrative user over their quota limit should such a limit have been applied).


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