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How can I secure my Android app’s code?

22 October 2021

Android is the world’s most widely used operating system. And we’re huge fans of it here at Conseal.

But building Android apps can present some unique security challenges to developers. These may be for example as a result of the way that Android operates, the hardware that runs it, or its Linux heritage.

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How can I secure my iOS app’s code?

25 October 2021

iOS is the operating system which powers Apple’s iPhone devices, and includes the special version iPadOS which runs on iPads. Apple claims it to be particularly secure, at least partly as a result of the limitations they place on what it is able to run.

But regardless of how secure the OS is, apps built for it still need to be written in a secure way. Getting it wrong will leave your customers vulnerable. Like any other OS, it has its own particular pitfalls and traps, and it sometimes takes a keen eye to spot them.

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