Specialists in mobile app penetration testing

Our expert-led DAST quickly finds security vulnerabilities in your iOS and Android apps

In "black box" penetration testing, we analyse the behaviour of apps as they run.

This reveals insecure behaviour and practices that a hacker could exploit.

We do this using meticulously-researched OWASP lists of most common vulnerabilities, combined with our own unique software and tools.

Your app + back end

Meticulous testing of your app, everything it talks to, and how it talks

Fast, extensive results

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) provides fast results, usually in days rather than weeks or months. It can reveal problems such as:

And many more...

Black box testing reveals what's discoverable

We mimic a real hacker by following a "zero-knowledge" (or "black box") approach. This means we begin work without knowing anything about your app or its architecture, allowing us to report back what can be revealed through careful analysis rather than insider knowledge.

Solutions, not problems

We work with your development team to suggest solutions to any security issues raised. Our team are fully qualified Android, iOS and web app developers, and we are often able to implement the solutions, too. This keeps your own development team where they should be, innovating.

Why code analysis is needed

Penetration testing covers the basics, and gives you a degree of comfort that the most obvious issues are handled. But it is limited. For example, it would be very unlikely to uncover issues in file format handling which could lead to an attacker to gain practically full control over your app.

To discover the more complex issues, requires expert code analysis.

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